What is my style?

What is my style?

Hey guys, in today’s post I will be talking about what my style is and what inspires my everyday style. So what is my style? Well, it is constantly changing and getting better. 

I love wearing blazers, large coats, dresses and jeans. I love the ‘casual’ but sort of dressed up kind of look.

Usually, I love to wear mom jeans with blouses and sandals. I would wear this when it would be nice weather out. When the sky out would be a little gloomy or even a rainy day, I would probably wear a long blazer, over a plain warm sweater with jeans and some white sneakers ( if it’s for school) or dark boots for the weekend days.

I love the European street style and New York fashion scene, so I try to focus on those two when deciding what to wear. I am a big fan of the color red, so I do tend to wear red quite often. I love being comfortable since I do spend most of my days sitting behind a desk and doing school work, I love to wear mom jeans and loose fitting tops. My white stan smith’s Adidas are literally the best shoes ever. They go with everything, as you can see in this photo above, I wore a large leopard print coat, jeans and my sneakers. This was in Barcelona in November so it was quite cold this time of the year, I was a tourist so I walked around quite a bit, but I looked great and was pretty warm and comfortable.

As I have said before, in recent and past blog posts, I couldn’t live without Topshop, they have the trendiest and most stylish pieces of clothing. About 80% of my entire closet is from Topshop. They have a great variety in sizes and clothing options, they have everything I need.

This year has definitely been my best year when it comes to how I dress. Even as a younger kid, I loved to dress up in my mom’s clothes and I would walk around the house in my mom’s heels. I love accessorizing and dressing up for school dances or literally when I am just going to the grocery store with my mom. I would make almost any excuse to wear a dress or heels.

My style inspiration is pretty much any celebrity or person living in New York City or France. The classic 60s-70s ish trends and the trendy 21st century street style.

Fashion definitely has a great influence over my life. I don’t try to dress the way that I dress for other people or anything like that. It’s all about how I feel and how I want people to see me, my identity, my personality. It is the way I want people to remember me as, the girl who likes to get dressed up on thursdays, the girl who likes making a statement the morning of her math test. Truth is, it doesn’t matter where in the world I am, on vacation or going to school, I like feeling and looking put together. A platform like instagram and youtube has had a great impact on me, I don’t care about numbers of anything on my accounts, I just like sharing my style and my life.

I like telling a story with my outfits.

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why you need a collection of blouses this spring season

why you need a collection of blouses this spring season

In today’s blog post I will be naming a few reasons as to why you need a collection of many blouses this spring/summer season!

Let’s get into it!

So, first of all, who doesn’t love blouses?? I definitely do! I cannot stop buying them. They are just so darn cute and so easy to style!

How can you style blouses? (you may ask) You can wear them with light washed jeans and sandals! And boom! You are totally stylish and cute for the day. Super easy, super quick, and super cute.

It really is so much easier to dress yourself in the spring season, it is the perfect season to wear basically whatever you feel like wearing. The weather is constantly changing, its never ever to cold and never too warm.

It is perfect to wear nearly anything, just not your giant winter snow jacket, you may want to save that for November, hahah.

Anyways, blouses are absolutely perfect for this time of year. Style them with skirts, jeans, shorts, layer them, (etc) you can wear them with whatever you want. Dress it up or dress it down.

For example, I would wear this blouse (pictured above) with light washed cropped jeans, and white sandals. On any weekend day, I would wear my white wedges, to dress it up a little but still make it look effortlessly cute. On a school/work day, I would keep this blouse with light washed cropped jeans, but this time instead of white wedges, I would style it with sandals or even my plain white sneakers. Super trendy, super comfy and really cute.

Blouses are so great and very easy to style. Spring time = bring out the blouses!

I just adore blouses, I love all of the variety of designs. I mainly love the blouses and tops from topshop. Their large variety of sizes and patterns/designs are so convenient. #NotAnAd Topshop is definitely my favorite brand, and I truly recommend you guys check them out!

I hope I was convincing enough on this blog post, lol. 

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how do I organize my closet?

how do I organize my closet?

Welcome back or welcome to the blog! In today’s blog post, i’ll be telling you guys about how I choose to organize my closet !

I’m gonna start off by saying that I am a very quite organized person. I always like to plan ahead and keep my room clean, but sometimes it’s a little difficult to find something specific in your closet, so here are the ways in which I organize my closet.

I hope you guys love today’s blog post!

I have a two sided closet with sliding doors, the left side is full of stuff I love and the right side is well, quite messy. It’s like that one drawer we all have, except its an entire half of a closet. I usually keep like unwanted or unnecessary things hidden back there. Like old recital costumes, winter pjs, large coats, old clothes I am too attached to to give away and a lot more.

Anyways, lets get into the left side! So on the top section I keep all kinds of dresses, coats, hoodies, sweatshirts and any kind of pant that aren’t jeans. I keep my jeans folded on the right side of my closet on a shelf.

Let’s get a little more into detail now. The order in which I keep my top section is…

1) formal/fancy dresses

2) spring and casual dresses

3) all pants

4) sweatshirts

5) raincoats

6) lighter weather type jackets

7) denim jackets

8) zip up jackets

9) wind-breakers

10) long winter coats

On the bottom section I keep all my shorts, shirts, blouses and skirts! The order in which I organize this section, and it is much more detailed than the top section, is…

1) Skirts (mainly denim)

2) tube tops, which I hardly ever wear (which is why they are in the back hehe)

3) crop tops

4) tank tops

5) short sleeve off the shoulder

6) fancy textured or patterned tops

7) graphic t-shirts and concert t-shirts

8) blouses

9) long sleeves

10) long sleeve off the shoulder tops

11) glittery sheer tops

12) old shirts I have only worn once or twice hehe


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15 items I will never wear!

15 items I will never wear!

Welcome back guys! In today’s blog post, I’ll be writing about the few clothing items I will most likely never wear ( at the moment ) and why!

Also, these clothing items I am about to list are really cute items, they just aren’t for me.

  1. I will never wear rompers. They just aren’t comfortable for me. Like yes I do love the idea of not having to spend so much time picking out an outfit but going to use the restroom is so annoying, you need to remove the whole thing and most rompers are quite baggy.
  2. I will never wear ‘slides’, these shoes are too casual for my style. I don’t usually dress very laid back or casual, so it might be weird for me to wear. Also my feet are weird and they look odd on me, I also don’t find them quite comfortable.
  3. I will never wear sweatpants. I just hat the way that they look on me, I never truly liked them, too casual for my style.
  4. I will never wear cropped jeans. I am already quite short, and this will only make me look shorter, i’m all for the looking taller effect other items make me look.
  5. I will never wear maxi dresses. Again, I’m pretty short, these kind of dresses will just devour me.
  6. I will never wear bulky boots. These boots are just not my style, however, I will wear sleek and simple boots.
  7. I will never wear very very scrappy sandals, almost gladiator sandals. I just really don’t like the overdone look with these sandals. I feel like they ruin the outfit, it’s a hit or miss with these for me.
  8. I will never wear large hoop earrings. They just aren’t my style.
  9. I will never wear leggings (out of the gym or house). I used to wear leggings a lot but I soon realized that they would look sort of weird out of the house lol.
  10. I will never wear long, like below the knee, skirts. They just aren’t for me.
  11. I will never wear anything bedazzled. It just isn’t me.
  12. I will never wear black t-shirts. I will wear black blouses and tank tops, just not black t-shirts. I never like the way this color looked on me, with my brown hair.
  13. I will never wear goofy dresses, it’s too 1980s for my style.
  14. I will never wear denim on denim. I just really do not like the way they look when paired together, unless they are obvious different colors.
  15. I will never wear bright colors on my nails. I usually only get neutral colors. I usually get gray, pink or sometimes red. I really think about the things I wear and these colors look best with the outfits I usually wear.

Thank you guys for tuning in to today’s blog post, I hope you really liked it!

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5 shoes every fashionista must own

5 shoes every fashionista must own

Welcome back to the blog! In today’s post i’ll be writing about the 5 must have shoes for every/any fashionista out there!

These are five different kinds of shoes, that I believe that every fashion lover out there must have in their wardrobe, all year long.

  1. The first pair of shoes that every fashionista must have in their closet are white sneakers! These shoes are amazing, you can wear them with nearly anything, dresses, flare jeans, skirts, leggings, you name it! Bulky sneakers are quickly making a comeback from the early 2000s, and I am loving this comfy trend. I mean who doesn’t love, a comfy white sneaker? Wear these shoes to the mall, look amazing and feel amazing (feel very very comfortable)!
  2. The second pair of shoes every fashionista should have are black heels. These shoes are so so so great for any special occasion, or even for any days when you just feel a little extra fancy or glamorous. Black heels look amazing with nearly every formal dress, and lately we can see celebrities like Zendaya and Rihanna rocking black heels with their street wear/ street style. Wear these shoes when going out with your group of friends, maybe to a party.
  3. Third, every fashionista must have some kind of statement shoe, wether they are gladiator sandals that go up to your knee, or knee high suede boots, or scrappy sandals or crazy sky-high heels, or even just a comfy yet super colorful platform shoe. My most standout shoes from my closet are probably my red leather boots, i rarely wear them but dang are they a statement. Statement shoes are absolutely great and they add some color to your weekend look.
  4. And fourth, you should have simple black-ankle boots. These shoes are great for the cold days of the year. They look great with ankle-length skinny jeans, some skirts and dresses, and nearly any edgy fall/winter look. Wear these shoes on a dinner date or out with the family. (Tip) Boots with a little bit of a heel may make the outfit seem a little more formal than casual.
  5. And last but not least, the fifth pair of shoes every fashionista must own are some basic sandals. With heel or without, up to you! By basic, I mean, simple and comfy. Color does not necessarily matter. As long as they aren’t too vibrant of color, then that would fall in the statement shoe category. Try to go more for a brown, beige, white or black color. These shoe colors are soft and does not intrude on your outfit choices. You can wear these shoes with almost anything in your closet. Wear these shoes with dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, you can name it. Wear these shoes on a casual day out, maybe to work, to school, or maybe even for brunch. These shoes are classy and comfortable. Making you look effortlessly gorgeous.

That is all for today’s blog post on the 5 shoes every fashionista must own, from my own, personal opinion of course. I truly hope you all enjoyed this post, let me know if you guys like my fashion tips posts theme!

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spring wardrobe essentials : what you need

spring wardrobe essentials : what you need

Spring is one of my favorite seasons, in California, sometimes the weather is warm and sometimes theres a breeze in the air. It’s great, its never too warm or too cold outside!

I just love spring wear, it’s so fresh and colorful!

In today’s blog post i’ll be sharing several must haves for your wardrobe for this spring season!

  1. A white denim jacket is perfect for any spring day. You can pair this jacket with almost anything in your spring wardrobe, really makes a statement in your outfit. You can wear it with a simple dress or you can wear it with light washed jeans with a cute flowy spring, maybe floral, top! Dress it up or dress it down!
  2. Neutral strappy sandals are comfortable and stylish. Black/brown/or white sandals are perfect for any spring/summer outfit/look. These sandals look great with dresses, shorts or skirts. Sandals are also great and easy to take off by the pool or on last minute walks on the beach.
  3. A collection of floral dresses are absolutely perfect for spring too! Not only is it super easy to pair these dresses with anything. Wear it with a denim jacket, simple (little to no) accessories and with neutral or statement sandals! Dress it up or dress it down!
  4. The right accessories! Hoop earrings!! I love this trend, hoops are so cute. You can wear hoop earrings with nearly any outfit. I have been wearing hoop earrings nonstop for the past several weeks, I love them! Fall in love with hoop earrings all over again this spring!
  5. Trendy sunglasses! Matrix (tiny) sunglasses trend is making a comeback, perfect timing for the spring/summer season! These sunglasses are perfect for any outfit, even a bikini! These trendy and edgy matrix shades compliment just about any face shape, and are definitely one of the spring wardrobe essentials you need!
  6. Bulky sneakers are also making a comeback, super casual footwear, making a statement anywhere and everywhere you may go. Drag out that pair of sketchers you owned back in 2009, because bulky sneakers are making a comeback.
  7. Polka dotted…anything! That’s right!! Polka dots are making a comeback! Polka dot blouses, dresses, everything! It’s all accepted for your spring wardrobe 2018.
  8. Simple white tank tops. White tank tops have always been a crowd pleaser and will continue to be this spring! Wear your white tank top with anything; Cropped light washed mom jeans or even with statement bottoms!
  9. Everything checkered. Definitely not surprised, considering that this trend was happening back in summer 2017. But we still absolutely love this trend!! Cute button down checkered print tops, skirts, dresses, pants, hats, shoes, anything! It’s back again this spring.
  10. Straw bags and hats are back! This trend will probably never go away, they can always manage to make any spring or summer outfit look super cute! Perfect for beach days!

That’s all for today, folks! Thank you guys so much for tuning into today’s blog post. I really hope you guys loved it. Comment below if you guys have any other ideas to add to this list, give me your opinions!

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Shopping tips

Shopping tips

Did someone say “shopping?” I love to go shopping, it can be pretty stressful at times. In today’s blog post i’m gonna share with you a few shopping tips!

Shopping tip #1 : Let’s say you’re in the dressing room, trying on a super cute skirt. And you are just so in love that you don’t even think twice about it and decide to buy it. Think again, ask yourself  “where will I wear this?’‘ This question is super important when it comes to shopping, I know from personal experience that nearly 1/3 of the items we purchase, we don’t ever wear more than once, and stuff it in the back of our closet! Too many of us buy impulsively with no thought to what we’ll do with the things we buy. Not only would you use up space in your closet, but you’ll be wasting money while you could be saving it to buy something you truly love and will use often!

Shopping tip #2 : Don’t ask the store employees if you look great in it or if you should buy it, remember they’re just trying to sell their clothes, don’t take their word for it! Make sure you are absolutely 100% in love with it and feel amazing in it. No matter how friendly or pleasant a sales person is, here is the fact you cannot avoid: they’re in it for the sale. It’s your own decision to make, “do I love it?” if so, go ahead and buy it.

Shopping tip #3 : Online shopping is a big no. While a handful of people feel much more comfortable shopping online rather than in person, it isn’t the most wise way to shop. Not only can you see what you are actually buying, just an online image, but you can’t feel the quality of it or even try it on. I online shop all the time, but there are certain items that I just cannot buy online. I cannot buy shoes or jeans online, so many sizes of different brands will fit differently and may not feel right. That’s why shopping in person is so much better.

Shopping tip #4 :  Try. It. On. it always look different on you than on the hanger! Try on anything that catches your eye, if they don’t have your preferred size, ask the employees if they can check the back or order online, most stores can send it to your home with free shipping, if it doesn’t fit, you can always simply return the item!

Shopping tip #5 : Don’t start body-hating when stuff doesn’t fit right. Every body is unique, and a mass-produced piece of fabric labeled with an arbitrary size doesn’t mean anything about your body. Repeat after me: the clothes are wrong for your body; your body is not wrong for the clothes.

Shopping tip #6 : Browse the store’s website before hand to get a good look at what they have, you can always show the employees online images and ask if they carry in store or if they can order it for you! It’s always great to have an idea of what it is you are looking for.

Shopping tip  #7 : If a garment makes you want to do a little dance in the dressing room, buy it. If not, rethink it. When you dance happily in the dressing room or feel like taking a cute selfie in the dressing room, then it’s definitely worth the buy. If you can’t buy it then, for reasons, take a picture of the top on you and remember the brand and just find it online when it’s on sale.

Shopping tip #8 : Picture it. When you’re deciding whether to buy something, you should always try to picture it in your wardrobe. Some people say you should be able to think of at least three items you can pair it with in order to make it worth it, but I say as long as you can think of one, you’re all set.

Shopping tip #9 : Don’t Go Shopping Without A Good Bra. A good bra can transform your figure and make ill-fitting pieces suddenly fall just the right way. So if you haven’t been fitted in a while, it might be time to invest in a good bra before buying anything else.

Shopping tip #10 : Eat first, then hit the mall. Hanger is real, and it can definitely cast a different lens on shopping if you’re impatient and annoyed. You may end up being super anxious to just get out of the mall and find something to bite on, but that’s not the way. Also, you won’t truly know the way something fits you on an empty stomach, eat up first.