Ten Studying Methods That Work

This past week was Finals Week at my school and it gave me the idea for this post. I have always been one to struggle on exams in school and these are some of the methods that I have used that help me ace those tough exams!

Method #1: Flash cards. There are tons of different studying tools you can use but what I find to be the most helpful and the most effective is creating flashcards. They’re quite simple to create, by hand or even digitally on websites like Quizlet. You can even test your friends!

Method #2: Practice exams. It’s true what they say, “Practice makes perfect.” Creating practice exams can really help you in preparing you for your exams. It can allow you to get a glimpse on what your actual exam may look like.

Method #3: Create a schedule or time to dedicate yourself to studying. Sometimes studying can get overwhelming especially if you have after school jobs, sports and/or activities, it is a great idea to plan a time to study.

Method #4: Take notes. It is always a very good idea to take notes during lectures/class, it can help to remember important information your teacher provides for you.

Method #5: Have a planner/agenda. It is super helpful to have a list of your assignments written down to keep you aware of any upcoming assignments and remain organized.

Method #6: Pay attention in class. I know that it can be difficult sometimes to focus in class and how easy it is to setoff task but to be successful on your exams it is important to  work on this bad habit.

Method #7: Get help. It totally 100% okay to get a tutor for a subject that you may feel behind in. Maybe even consider asking your teacher to meet before or after school to review materials.

Method #8: Sleep well! Sleep is very important and can definitely effect your performance and focus in class.

Method #9: Listen to music. Some may find music distracting when doing work, but personally, it helps me get in the zone and helps me focus. Focus away from “loud” music and try to listen to more calm music, like instrumental or R&B.

Method #10: Avoid comparing yourself to others, thinking “I’ll never understand this like they do,” will get you no where. We all learn at different speeds, you’ll get there with time and hard work!

Thanks for reading! ❤

xoxo, banya.

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