what a girl needs

Every girl’s wardrobe essentials.

  1. the holy jeans. Yes, these perfect pair of jeans hugs your waist and look amazing on you. Every girl needs the perfect, holy pair of jeans. Brands that I like are, anthropologie, topshop, nordstrom, reformation, etc. fullsizeoutput_4435.jpeg
  2. the basic tees. You can never go wrong with a simple white tee or a simple tank top. These pieces are super easy to form outfits out of. They’re simple, and easy to dress up or dress down.   fullsizeoutput_4436
  3. the classic sneakers. Brands like nike and adidas are now quite trendy amongst those in the fashion industry. Street style is in, and these sneakers are the base of the whole look. fullsizeoutput_4439.jpeg
  4. the LBD. Every girl needs that little black dress for any last minute dinners or parties. A simple dress that can turn into a whole look in ten seconds, with heels, jewelry and some red lipstick. fullsizeoutput_443a.jpeg
  5. the everyday sandals. The sandals that don’t make your feet hurt, that make you feel as if you’re walking on clouds. The perfect sandal that matches with everything and can be worn all day, everyday. fullsizeoutput_443c.jpeg
  6. the date-night dress. The dress that makes you feel amazing everytime you put it on. The short dress of your dreams that makes you feel like the goddess that you are.fullsizeoutput_443d.jpeg
  7. the diva shades. The shades that you wear when you wanna look fierce. fullsizeoutput_443f.jpeg
  8. the leather jacket. This jacket is perfect for last minute plans or a night out look. Easily dress it up or dress it down. fullsizeoutput_4441.jpeg
  9. the belt bag. While it seems a little blah, these bags are actually super convenient. Take this bag to the mall, a music festival or even a night out on the town. fullsizeoutput_4443.jpeg
  10. the brunch dress. The dress you wear to dinner with the family. The subtle, cute and simple dress.fullsizeoutput_4444.jpeg

Thanks for reading! ❤

xoxo, banya.

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