hacks to pack

Packing for a trip is always stressful, you don’t want to forget to pack anything but you also want to pack lightly to leave some space for any purchases you may make.

Traveling is honestly, so much fun. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE traveling? You get to explore and experience different cultures.


Probably my favorite part about traveling is the preparation! I would probably start packing the day I buy my plane ticket, lol. I definitely recommend packing several days in advance. Most people could totally get away with packing in literally less than 15 minutes, the morning before you get on a plane. But me? Oh no no no. I would need days of preparation. Shopping before a trip can be fun, but also hectic. You begin to ask yourself, do I really need this? What am I looking for? Will I ever wear this again? 

Traveling is an amazing experience, here are a few tips on how to pack like an absolute pro.

  1. I’m one of those people who love packing for trips. One awesome tip on how to pack is to pack days in advance to the trip. This way, you can really be organize and not stress out the night before the big day.
  2. When I pack for trips, I like to pack with a color scheme in mind. Yes, it is a little extra, but it is very convenient for longer trips because you can mix and match clothing items and create more looks that way.
  3. Always make sure you know how the weather is going to be like at the location you are traveling to, it is very important. You need to know if it will be chilly or hot, so you know what to pack. Maybe even a few scarves or light coats are life savers if you are unsure of the weather.
  4. When traveling, go bold, who cares! Traveling is a great opportunity to make some bold clothing choices. For example; wear some crazy big earrings with a matching beach bag with pom poms! (if you are going somewhere tropical this summer).
  5. Go back to the basics! A simple white t-shirt, distressed shorts over a swimsuit, is totally an acceptable vacay look.
  6. Dresses/rompers are literally lifesavers. They are so easy to create outfits around. Throw on some cute sandals and you are ready to go! An example of a dress or romper I may take on vacation is; a simple white off the shoulder dress, a bold dress with fun patterns for an evening look and/or a simple wrap dress!
  7. Shoes! They are truly the most important item on your packing list. Sure, you may look super cute in your dress but what is the point if your feet are killing you? Comfortable shoes are extremely important for traveling. Now remember, you are a tourist, which means lots and lots of walking. I always bring some sneakers, a few pairs of simple sandals and one pair of fancy shoes (maybe with a little bit of a heel) for those evening dinners.


Now, I am not a perfect packer but these are a few tips that have helped me through all my traveling adventures. And don’t afraid to spice up your looks a bit!

Thanks for reading! I leave for Mexico in a few days, make sure to follow me on my instagram accounts, linked above (@bpweekly.blog & @banya.lozano).

xoxo, Banya.

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