Top 5 Summer Essentials

In today’s blog post, I will be listing some of the most crucial summer essentials that you must have this summer! Summer is usually pretty warm, and sometimes we need a little extra attention for ourselves. Here are a few suggestions. (Click on item names and descriptions to visit websites to purchase/view)

This summer, everyone needs the perfect swimsuit. The versatile one, the one perfect for any given day or occasion. A pool party, a day at the beach or just for tanning. I try my hardest to avoid confusing or crossing straps because they tend to leave embarrassing or odd looking tan lines. In the past post, I have listed several cute and affordable swimsuits but a girl need a cute one to wear that is comfy and perfect for tanning. So here is a good example of a swimsuit, for the perfect tan lines. VS Pink Bandeau Swim Top (on sale!)

  1. The first thing on my list for your summer essentials, is a good skincare routine. I have finally spoken with a dermatologist and I have been given products to keep my skin clear and healthy all year long! I was told specifically to stay hydrated ( it’s good for your glowy skin and your health!) and to wear sunscreen, everyday. The first product, is spring water spray and is perfect for sunburns or skin irritations (works on your entire body not just your face). Then a glycerin bar of sop to help with acne breakouts and wash off unwanted oils from your skin. And a moisturizer to be used every morning and night. Then Glossier’s invisible shield daily sunscreen spf 35 (I purchased this on my own but is still a great product). Then a body lotion for any dry or irritated skin on your body. (obviously you don’t need to buy these exact products but you can find inspiration or ideas for other products you can use).

Here are a few similar products I use

facial soap- Mario Badescu Facial Glycolic Foaming Cleanser (I have used this and it is a great product for acne)

facial spray- Mario Badescu’s Facial spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater (also an amazing product and feels great on heat days)

facial sunscreen- Glossier’s Daily Sunscreen (feels super lightweight and leaves your skin glowing)

facial lotion- La Roche-Posay Duo Dual Action Acne Treatment Moisturizer (this is the exact product I am currently using on my skin; a bit pricy but worth it)

2. Does the heat make your hair frizzy? Well, I have the same problem. I did go to the salon and get a treatment but this shampoo I use helps the treatment last longer but also helps to make my hair smooth and shiny. This shampoo and conditioner is great and is sulfate-free!

Click here for shampoo                 Click here for conditioner

3. Sunscreen is super important for the summer, while you should be wearing sunscreen or some sort of spf on your face everyday, it is much easier to get skin cancer or sunburnt in the summer. Any sunscreen with a high spf count is perfect but here are a few that I recommend for you to use this summer.

Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Face Sunscreen

Coopertone Sport Sunscreen spf 70

Neutrogena Beach Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen spf 70

4. Yes, sunglasses are definitely important. But you need a pair for every occasion. (Here is an example of each).

One pair that you don’t mind losing or breaking, or scratching; so a cheap pair.


Dyllon Metal Round Sunglasses ($16)

One pair that are perfecter statements, very flashy and cute.


Wild Child Cat-Eye Sunglasses (only $18)

And another pair that are meant to be taken care of, more expensive and nicer.


Round Ray-Ban Polarized Round Sunglasses ($203)

5. Last, but not least, everyone needs a good water bottle to take with them when they are traveling, going to the beach or just hanging out in the heat. Remember to stay hydrated this summer!


S’well Pink Topaz Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle ($35)


Hydro Flask 32-Ounce Wide Mouth Bottle  ($44.95)

Thank you for reading! Stay cool this summer, stay tuned for future posts! ❤

xoxo, Banya.



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