dealing with sensitive skin

Hey guys, in today’s blog post i’m going to do something a little bit different, something that I don’t usually do here. I want talk about my skin. In this blog post, I won’t necessarily be giving you guys tips or hacks for great skin. I don’t even know my own perfect skincare routine, i’m basically just here to share with you guys my story of dealing with my sensitive skin. Maybe you guys can relate? Anyways, I have seen a dermatologist before, my skin was great for about four months then returned to its natural sensitive form.

Before I really get into it, I just want to mention that I have recently visited and spoke with a dermatologist who has prescribed me products that are going to help my skin. Dermatologists always know what they’re doing, obviously. So if you feel like giving up on your skin, think about having a consult with a dermatologist.

My skin was always super sensitive, and I have yet to find a skin-care routine right for me. Everything that I try has caused severe breakouts, ashy skin, red blemishes and skin irritations.

Not gonna lie, I have tried tons of things. Ointments, light therapy, coconut oil, peel-off masks, different kinds of creams and moisturizers. Everything works once then my skin goes back to the way it was before, if not, worse.

Many brands and products have convinced me, through labels, ads and commercials that their stuff works on my skin. So i buy it, i try it then within a week or two i’m back, crying in my room. Regretting my decisions and hoping for my skin to go back to the way that it was. Now I have acne scars, dry patches on my face and arms, blemishes and an uneven skin tone.

It’s crazy, but now I realize that these brands just want your money. Some of these brands purposefully make your skin dehydrated so that you will buy more of their products.

Doctors tell you it’s stress and diet. Which can be true, but some of it is just genetics. I look around my family, most of my siblings except for myself and another have to deal with this.

And I probably have the most sensitive out of my entire family, not necessarily because it has always been like that but because all of these brands have made my skin that way.

Yes, I know I can temporarily cover up my skin with concealer (makeup). But I want to be able to wake up in the morning and not have to be ashamed of the way that my skin looks. Yes, i do wash my face! (in case any of you perfect skin people are wondering).

Anyways, I understand that skin can make one feel ashamed, vulnerable or embarrassed. But I also do know that our appearance really isn’t everything. That isn’t how people should see us or how the world should perceive us. And that really makes me happy. I just hope you all know that you are all beautiful no matter how you look or where you may come from. It is the individuals within us that matters ❤

Thanks for tuning in to today’s blog post. Sorry if I ended up sort of ranting ahahah. (I have absolutely nothing against the brands I have used, they just aren’t for me)

Hope to see you again soon!

xoxo, Banya.

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