Favorite quotes from “The Sun and Her Flowers” pt.2

Hey! In today’s blog post, i’ll be writing about some of favorite quotes from one of my favorite books, “the sun and her flowers,” a poetry book written by one of my favorite authors, Rupi Kaur.

This is part 2 of a series, hope you guys enjoy it!!

Page 61.

“Yesterday/when I woke up/the sun fell to the ground and rolled away/flowers beheaded themselves/all that’s left alive here is me/and I barely feel like living.” -depression is a shadow living inside me

Page 63.

“you are waiting for someone/who is not coming back/meaning/you are living your life/hoping that someone will realize/they can’t live theirs without you.” -realizations don’t work like that

Page 64.

“a lot of times/we are angry at other people/for not doing what/we should have done for ourselves.” –responsibility

Page 67.

“i hear a thousand kind words about me/and it makes no difference/yet I hear one insult/and all confidence shatters.” –focusing on the negative

Page 79.

“the irony of loneliness/is we all fee it/at the same time.” –together

Thanks for tuning in to today’s post, more of this series coming soon! Let me know what you guys think about it! ❤

xoxo, Banya.

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