how to be comfortable and stylish

how to be comfortable and stylish

I nearly always put my comfort before anything else when deciding what to wear. (heels are an exception for me; nobody is comfortable in heels; they look good on anyone-no matter what lol).

For example, I always like dressing up but sometimes it is hard to find a bra that doesn’t hurt, or a pair of heels that don’t make your feet hurt.

Fashion nowadays is taking a major shift and change, fashion is still about looking good but now it is about feeling good too.

Thankfully, now I can wear big sneakers with a dress (um yes please)!

2018 has been a big year for fashion trends and body positivity. It is now so much easier for everyone to dress the way that they would like to dress.

I used to dress a little over the top last year, but like it was mainly so I looked put together to other people now I have really though about what I feel great in. I wear much more casual outfits now, and I love items that are easy to create an outfit around (like dresses or basic tees). I do dress it up a bit by adding some cute sandals or wedges (steve madden creates amazingly comfy and cute wedges, i promise lol).

Here are a few examples of what to wear when you want to look great and feel great at the same time.

  1. Loose tops (blouses or not skin tight shirts) with shorts.
  2. Long, loose maxi dresses with sandals. (great for hot summer days)
  3. Mom jeans and a cute graphic t-shirt. (super in right now-80s trends)
  4. Flowy pants with a white t-shirt (super simple but you look so put together)
  5. For gloomy days- any denim pants with a graphic tee and leather jacket (i dont really wear this, but you might!)

These are just a few examples, literally anything that you feel that you look great in and feel awesome in, is totally fine.

Don’t ever feel like you need to dress to impress others. Wear what you feel great in!

Thanks again, for checking into today’s blog post. Im finally on break and I will be back to do more posts as often as I can! โค

xoxo, Banya.


writing in my journal

writing in my journal

Hey guys, in today’s blog I am going to be talking to you guys about my journaling, and why I do it and why you should try it out as well.

Apart from my blog and social media, I like to pick up a pen and write on paper. I like to write about my thoughts, memories or write about what had happened to me that same day.

I usually tend to write in my journal at around the late afternoon, probably around the time I should be sleeping, hahah. Writing calms me and is something I am very fond of. I began writing journal entries around the 7th grade, but didn’t get too into it until around my freshman year of High School.

My journal entries are quite personal so I do hide my journal somewhere in my room. The reason that I write in a journal is so that one day I can show my children or grandchildren that I have probably gone through the same issues or embarrassing moments as them. I want to be able to share with them my thoughts of when I was a teenager and the things that had happened to me at the time.

I do not remember where I got the idea of journaling from, it all just sort of happened. I was target with my mom and I saw this very pretty journal and I really wanted it, so I bought it and I just began to write in it. I try to write in it as often as I can but there are weeks that can go by before I write in it.

For example, I forgot to bring my journal on my trip across Europe, so as soon as I got home I began to write about my trip. I was writing for a while, I wanted to make sure that I wrote everything that I could before I forgot. I want to grow old and look back at my journal and remember the great things about my teen years. Like when I spent my 15th birthday in France.

Now, why do I think you guys should begin journaling too? Well because it is a great way to relieve stress and relax. I like to play my favorite calm music, and begin to write. It’s nice not to be behind a screen all day, I am not a very outside person, and I do not tend to go outside for a walk or anything like that. My thing is writing, other people’s thing may be athletics or artistic skills.

You should try journaling because there are no rules, you write what you want to write. Write about what you want to remember in the future.

Thank you guys for tuning in to today’s post, hope you guys enjoyed it! โค

xoxo, Banya.