why you need a collection of blouses this spring season

In today’s blog post I will be naming a few reasons as to why you need a collection of many blouses this spring/summer season!

Let’s get into it!

So, first of all, who doesn’t love blouses?? I definitely do! I cannot stop buying them. They are just so darn cute and so easy to style!

How can you style blouses? (you may ask) You can wear them with light washed jeans and sandals! And boom! You are totally stylish and cute for the day. Super easy, super quick, and super cute.

It really is so much easier to dress yourself in the spring season, it is the perfect season to wear basically whatever you feel like wearing. The weather is constantly changing, its never ever to cold and never too warm.

It is perfect to wear nearly anything, just not your giant winter snow jacket, you may want to save that for November, hahah.

Anyways, blouses are absolutely perfect for this time of year. Style them with skirts, jeans, shorts, layer them, (etc) you can wear them with whatever you want. Dress it up or dress it down.

For example, I would wear this blouse (pictured above) with light washed cropped jeans, and white sandals. On any weekend day, I would wear my white wedges, to dress it up a little but still make it look effortlessly cute. On a school/work day, I would keep this blouse with light washed cropped jeans, but this time instead of white wedges, I would style it with sandals or even my plain white sneakers. Super trendy, super comfy and really cute.

Blouses are so great and very easy to style. Spring time = bring out the blouses!

I just adore blouses, I love all of the variety of designs. I mainly love the blouses and tops from topshop. Their large variety of sizes and patterns/designs are so convenient. #NotAnAd Topshop is definitely my favorite brand, and I truly recommend you guys check them out!

I hope I was convincing enough on this blog post, lol. 

I truly hope you all loved today’s blog post, stay tuned for much more! Check out my social  medias! Sign up with your email to receive notification for whenever I post!

Thanks again,



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