15 items I will never wear!

Welcome back guys! In today’s blog post, I’ll be writing about the few clothing items I will most likely never wear ( at the moment ) and why!

Also, these clothing items I am about to list are really cute items, they just aren’t for me.

  1. I will never wear rompers. They just aren’t comfortable for me. Like yes I do love the idea of not having to spend so much time picking out an outfit but going to use the restroom is so annoying, you need to remove the whole thing and most rompers are quite baggy.
  2. I will never wear ‘slides’, these shoes are too casual for my style. I don’t usually dress very laid back or casual, so it might be weird for me to wear. Also my feet are weird and they look odd on me, I also don’t find them quite comfortable.
  3. I will never wear sweatpants. I just hat the way that they look on me, I never truly liked them, too casual for my style.
  4. I will never wear cropped jeans. I am already quite short, and this will only make me look shorter, i’m all for the looking taller effect other items make me look.
  5. I will never wear maxi dresses. Again, I’m pretty short, these kind of dresses will just devour me.
  6. I will never wear bulky boots. These boots are just not my style, however, I will wear sleek and simple boots.
  7. I will never wear very very scrappy sandals, almost gladiator sandals. I just really don’t like the overdone look with these sandals. I feel like they ruin the outfit, it’s a hit or miss with these for me.
  8. I will never wear large hoop earrings. They just aren’t my style.
  9. I will never wear leggings (out of the gym or house). I used to wear leggings a lot but I soon realized that they would look sort of weird out of the house lol.
  10. I will never wear long, like below the knee, skirts. They just aren’t for me.
  11. I will never wear anything bedazzled. It just isn’t me.
  12. I will never wear black t-shirts. I will wear black blouses and tank tops, just not black t-shirts. I never like the way this color looked on me, with my brown hair.
  13. I will never wear goofy dresses, it’s too 1980s for my style.
  14. I will never wear denim on denim. I just really do not like the way they look when paired together, unless they are obvious different colors.
  15. I will never wear bright colors on my nails. I usually only get neutral colors. I usually get gray, pink or sometimes red. I really think about the things I wear and these colors look best with the outfits I usually wear.

Thank you guys for tuning in to today’s blog post, I hope you really liked it!

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Thanks again,

xoxo, Banya.

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