favorite binge-worthy netflix shows

Welcome back to the blog! In today’s post i’ll be sharing some of my all time favorite Netflix tv-shows I love to watch!!

  1. Grey’s Anatomy: this show is super entertaining, I have seen the entire series 3 times. It has long episodes and several seasons, perfect for binge-watching. This show is about a doctor named Meredith Grey and her life and the drama that occurs inside and outside of the hospital walls.
  2. Friends: probably my favorite show of all time. As you can probably guess, yes, this show is about a group of friends. It tells the story of their relationships and their lives, living in New York City. Long episodes and seasons, also perfect for binge-watching.
  3. Gossip Girl: this show is always interesting, something crazy is always happening. There is a person who is blackmailing and exposing people, making their New York Lives crazy. This shows has long episodes and long seasons.
  4. The Carrie Diaries: Also based in a  location near Manhattan, there is a girl named Carrie with a troubling younger sister and a few close friends, there is drama, love and fashion. Carrie gets caught up with her friends, boyfriend and trying to work for a fashion magazine.
  5. The Crown: this show is really amazing, if you’re the historical type, this show tells the life story of Queen Elizabeth, how she juggled life with being the Queen, how she became Queen and marriage issues. The problems she had in her marriage and certain obstacles she had during her early years of reign. Very inspiring and eye-opening.


Thank you guys so much for tuning into today’s blog post, sorry for it being so short, I have been busy! More posts coming your way soon! Hope you guys enjoy these shows, let me know your opinions on them, make sure to follow my twitter and instagram through the icons above or below the page! ❤


xoxo, banya.

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