Blogger to blogger tips #1

I have always been a very great creative writer and I have always loved to write stories, so I decided to try out blogging, and I absolutely love it. It is so much fun and gives me something to focus on. I do get bored quite often, so then I write some stories or blogs. Blogs aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay. Also I’m not saying that I am a blog expert or whatnot, it’s just something I enjoy to do and around school I have several classmates and close friends compliment me on my blog, even a few of my teachers. I am still trying to et my blog out there in the open, wanting to share this with everyone I know and beyond, so here are some tips that I hope will help you guys too!!

Blogger Tip #1 –

Dont stress! You don’t want to write a blogpost because you have to, this isn’t a school-graded assignment, it’s meant to be something you enjoy and help you express yourself and ideas. If you simply feel too overwhelmed or stressed out, take a few days off. Decide to write a blog another day. What I like to do is have one day where I write several blogs, like on the weekend, I like to write blogs when school isn’t in the way, the weekend is the perfect opportunity to write some backup or pre-planned blog posts.

Blogger Tip #2 –

Fresh out of ideas? That’s okay, and I may have something that may help you never run out of ideas. Simply search on the internet, “blog post ideas,” and boom! You’ve got your next blog post. You can write about recent/past trips or experiences, personal stories, monthly favorites, wish lists, reviews etc. You can even ask your audience (followers/subscribers) for blog ideas!!! I always keep a small journal filled with backup ideas for future posts. It makes blogging so much easier for me!

Blogger Tip #3 –

Don’t write to impress the audience, yes it is good to understand our audience but you should be writing for you, not them. Ignore the fact that other people will be reading your content; just focus on your thoughts, ideas, opinions and figure out how to put those into words. Write it and they will come. Writing for yourself is so much easier than writing off of a prompt. I love writing about trips and my own personal opinions, and I love writing about my own ideas.

Blogger Tip #4 –

Be consistent! Try to post as often as possible, many blogger (including myself) tend to forget about consistency. It’s much easier to lose your audience than build our audience, posting more/writing more will definitely help bring in more people to see your content.

Blogger Tip #5 –

Explore social media! Social media can really help beginning bloggers reach out to their community and attract more readers and catch the attention of a larger audience. Using social media platforms like instagram, twitter and/or Facebook is really great to share information towards your blog and even share some of your life with you audience. I use Facebook for family and instagram for the public to reach out and attract a larger audience.

Thank you so guys so much for reading this blog post, this blog post is going to be number 1 of a series of blogger tips. I hope you guys enjoyed it, make sure to check out my instagram and twitter through the icons above or below the page! Thanks again!

xoxo, Banya.

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