My French Adventure

This past November, my large family and I visited parts of Europe to celebrate my 15th birthday. I think it’s fair to say, that was my best birthday yet. It was my absolute dream to go to Paris and go up the Eiffel Tower and I did just that on the morning of my 15th birthday. Paris is a beautiful city and I am definitely considering to live there when I am a little older, I’m learning my french! A couple days before my actual birthday, my family and I began our Europe vacation. I believe the flight was about ten hours long, maybe a little more, but the whole time I was practicing my french and thinking about all of the yummy croissants.

When we had finally arrived, the flight felt like eternity, I couldn’t wait to begin our adventure in the City of Love. The french language is absolutely beautiful and so romantic. I love the french language, their attitude and their lifestyle. Not so much their food, not going to lie, I didn’t enjoy much of the food the entire trip. Being in a foreign city with a large group, trying to find just the simplest of places to sit down and eat isn’t so easy. The crepes were pretty good though. haha.

My first morning in Paris, we took a 15 minute commute from Paris to Versailles. We visited the beautiful Château de Versailles, The palace of Versailles. A truly beautiful place with very impressive architecture and design. Some issues we had on our trip, was cellphone service and finding accommodating commute for everyone in our group. But of course, we figured it out, thankfully. Anyways, Versailles was absolutely beautiful and I want to go back the next time I visit France.

The next day was my birthday. On this day, we made plans to visit the Eiffel Tower. Thats right, I turned 15 years old at the very very top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I did get lost in Paris, my cousins and I were separated from our group as they stopped at a shop. But I wasn’t too worried, for I was in Paris, standing next to the Eiffel Tower, On my 15th birthday, with my family, living my dream. Did I mention I had champaign at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Yep, that’s right! I wore my warmest, coziest and most favorite winter outfit. (All from Topshop btw!!)

Later that same evening, my family and I returned to the hotel we were staying at, getting all fancy for our dinner across Rio Cena. I wore a long off-white gown with embellishments on the bodice, from BHLDN. The scenery was stunning and mesmerizing. I remember the moment we stood on the very top of the boat and watched as the Eiffel Tower lit up the Parisian streets.

We then had  a several course dinner and carried on with our evening. One funny moment I do clearly remember from that dinner on that boat were these tourists from Dutch, who spoke little spanish, getting up and dancing for me, singing me a happy birthday. It was hilarious and yes they did have a little too much celebratory champagne.

Since we were all in the dancing mood, after I had blown out my candles and made my wish, a live violinist came from the center of the boat to the back, where my family, myself and the Dutch tourists were seated and began playing an instrumental version of the song “Besame Mucho.” As my family all sang along to the tune, my eldest of three brothers  asked for my hand and slow danced with me. Yes, a little embarrassing, everyone on the boat was watching !!! But it was very sweet. Followed by my eldest brother, came my second oldest brother then my third oldest, then came my Godfather, (My uncle) followed by my Godfather’s oldest son, my cousin. Finishing off the dance with a little dip at the end. A lovely end to a lovely birthday.

The next few days we explored the streets of Paris and even visited The Louvre!! Oh it was just stunning there. The art was breathtaking, I couldn’t even fully process everything I was seeing. I got to see The Mona Lisa!! That is amazing, a truly magnificent piece created by an amazing artist.

There is so much more of my trip I want to share with you, but that will be in a post a little later where I talk about my trip to Spain! Stay tuned for that and I hope you truly enjoyed my long and detailed blog about my remarkable trip in France. Thanks again!

xoxo, Banya

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