favorite binge-worthy netflix shows

favorite binge-worthy netflix shows

Welcome back to the blog! In today’s post i’ll be sharing some of my all time favorite Netflix tv-shows I love to watch!!

  1. Grey’s Anatomy: this show is super entertaining, I have seen the entire series 3 times. It has long episodes and several seasons, perfect for binge-watching. This show is about a doctor named Meredith Grey and her life and the drama that occurs inside and outside of the hospital walls.
  2. Friends: probably my favorite show of all time. As you can probably guess, yes, this show is about a group of friends. It tells the story of their relationships and their lives, living in New York City. Long episodes and seasons, also perfect for binge-watching.
  3. Gossip Girl: this show is always interesting, something crazy is always happening. There is a person who is blackmailing and exposing people, making their New York Lives crazy. This shows has long episodes and long seasons.
  4. The Carrie Diaries: Also based in a  location near Manhattan, there is a girl named Carrie with a troubling younger sister and a few close friends, there is drama, love and fashion. Carrie gets caught up with her friends, boyfriend and trying to work for a fashion magazine.
  5. The Crown: this show is really amazing, if you’re the historical type, this show tells the life story of Queen Elizabeth, how she juggled life with being the Queen, how she became Queen and marriage issues. The problems she had in her marriage and certain obstacles she had during her early years of reign. Very inspiring and eye-opening.


Thank you guys so much for tuning into today’s blog post, sorry for it being so short, I have been busy! More posts coming your way soon! Hope you guys enjoy these shows, let me know your opinions on them, make sure to follow my twitter and instagram through the icons above or below the page! ❤


xoxo, banya.

Stop comparing and start living

Stop comparing and start living

We shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to other people, we should be growing as ourselves, reaching our own achievements and goals. Competition and comparison is simply a trap, we are stuck on a continuous loop (sometimes). We want to be like that one person in our lives, and while it’s great to have role models and people to look up to, but we shouldn’t be wanting to become that person, we want to learn from them and use them as inspiration.

Truth is, comparison simply stunts your own growth and leads you to believe that your achievements are not worth or better than your own failures, which isn’t true. Social media plays a huge role in this, we look at celebrities and we choose to believe that we are all meant to be just like them. We need to be ourselves, we shouldn’t want to be somebody else.

I get it, i’ve been there.

Instead of wasting your time and energy comparing yourself to other people and putting yourself down, try doing these things:

  1. Set some of your own goals, something to improve on. Something that would make you your best version of yourself.


  1. Get off of the internet, all it is doing is making you feel bad about yourself. It is an addiction of self-hate. Go out into nature and the world, talk to people and put your energy into something productive.
  2. Unfollow people on social media. These instagram celebrities are the main cause for your self-doubt, go follow accounts that make you happy and laugh.


Now here are some wonderful quotes that will put you in the right mindset.

“To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.” – Sven Goran Eriksson

“How to be successful: Focus on your own shit.”

“Another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own beauty.”

Blogger to blogger tips #1

Blogger to blogger tips #1

I have always been a very great creative writer and I have always loved to write stories, so I decided to try out blogging, and I absolutely love it. It is so much fun and gives me something to focus on. I do get bored quite often, so then I write some stories or blogs. Blogs aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay. Also I’m not saying that I am a blog expert or whatnot, it’s just something I enjoy to do and around school I have several classmates and close friends compliment me on my blog, even a few of my teachers. I am still trying to et my blog out there in the open, wanting to share this with everyone I know and beyond, so here are some tips that I hope will help you guys too!!

Blogger Tip #1 –

Dont stress! You don’t want to write a blogpost because you have to, this isn’t a school-graded assignment, it’s meant to be something you enjoy and help you express yourself and ideas. If you simply feel too overwhelmed or stressed out, take a few days off. Decide to write a blog another day. What I like to do is have one day where I write several blogs, like on the weekend, I like to write blogs when school isn’t in the way, the weekend is the perfect opportunity to write some backup or pre-planned blog posts.

Blogger Tip #2 –

Fresh out of ideas? That’s okay, and I may have something that may help you never run out of ideas. Simply search on the internet, “blog post ideas,” and boom! You’ve got your next blog post. You can write about recent/past trips or experiences, personal stories, monthly favorites, wish lists, reviews etc. You can even ask your audience (followers/subscribers) for blog ideas!!! I always keep a small journal filled with backup ideas for future posts. It makes blogging so much easier for me!

Blogger Tip #3 –

Don’t write to impress the audience, yes it is good to understand our audience but you should be writing for you, not them. Ignore the fact that other people will be reading your content; just focus on your thoughts, ideas, opinions and figure out how to put those into words. Write it and they will come. Writing for yourself is so much easier than writing off of a prompt. I love writing about trips and my own personal opinions, and I love writing about my own ideas.

Blogger Tip #4 –

Be consistent! Try to post as often as possible, many blogger (including myself) tend to forget about consistency. It’s much easier to lose your audience than build our audience, posting more/writing more will definitely help bring in more people to see your content.

Blogger Tip #5 –

Explore social media! Social media can really help beginning bloggers reach out to their community and attract more readers and catch the attention of a larger audience. Using social media platforms like instagram, twitter and/or Facebook is really great to share information towards your blog and even share some of your life with you audience. I use Facebook for family and instagram for the public to reach out and attract a larger audience.

Thank you so guys so much for reading this blog post, this blog post is going to be number 1 of a series of blogger tips. I hope you guys enjoyed it, make sure to check out my instagram and twitter through the icons above or below the page! Thanks again!

xoxo, Banya.

Shopping tips

Shopping tips

Did someone say “shopping?” I love to go shopping, it can be pretty stressful at times. In today’s blog post i’m gonna share with you a few shopping tips!

Shopping tip #1 : Let’s say you’re in the dressing room, trying on a super cute skirt. And you are just so in love that you don’t even think twice about it and decide to buy it. Think again, ask yourself  “where will I wear this?’‘ This question is super important when it comes to shopping, I know from personal experience that nearly 1/3 of the items we purchase, we don’t ever wear more than once, and stuff it in the back of our closet! Too many of us buy impulsively with no thought to what we’ll do with the things we buy. Not only would you use up space in your closet, but you’ll be wasting money while you could be saving it to buy something you truly love and will use often!

Shopping tip #2 : Don’t ask the store employees if you look great in it or if you should buy it, remember they’re just trying to sell their clothes, don’t take their word for it! Make sure you are absolutely 100% in love with it and feel amazing in it. No matter how friendly or pleasant a sales person is, here is the fact you cannot avoid: they’re in it for the sale. It’s your own decision to make, “do I love it?” if so, go ahead and buy it.

Shopping tip #3 : Online shopping is a big no. While a handful of people feel much more comfortable shopping online rather than in person, it isn’t the most wise way to shop. Not only can you see what you are actually buying, just an online image, but you can’t feel the quality of it or even try it on. I online shop all the time, but there are certain items that I just cannot buy online. I cannot buy shoes or jeans online, so many sizes of different brands will fit differently and may not feel right. That’s why shopping in person is so much better.

Shopping tip #4 :  Try. It. On. it always look different on you than on the hanger! Try on anything that catches your eye, if they don’t have your preferred size, ask the employees if they can check the back or order online, most stores can send it to your home with free shipping, if it doesn’t fit, you can always simply return the item!

Shopping tip #5 : Don’t start body-hating when stuff doesn’t fit right. Every body is unique, and a mass-produced piece of fabric labeled with an arbitrary size doesn’t mean anything about your body. Repeat after me: the clothes are wrong for your body; your body is not wrong for the clothes.

Shopping tip #6 : Browse the store’s website before hand to get a good look at what they have, you can always show the employees online images and ask if they carry in store or if they can order it for you! It’s always great to have an idea of what it is you are looking for.

Shopping tip  #7 : If a garment makes you want to do a little dance in the dressing room, buy it. If not, rethink it. When you dance happily in the dressing room or feel like taking a cute selfie in the dressing room, then it’s definitely worth the buy. If you can’t buy it then, for reasons, take a picture of the top on you and remember the brand and just find it online when it’s on sale.

Shopping tip #8 : Picture it. When you’re deciding whether to buy something, you should always try to picture it in your wardrobe. Some people say you should be able to think of at least three items you can pair it with in order to make it worth it, but I say as long as you can think of one, you’re all set.

Shopping tip #9 : Don’t Go Shopping Without A Good Bra. A good bra can transform your figure and make ill-fitting pieces suddenly fall just the right way. So if you haven’t been fitted in a while, it might be time to invest in a good bra before buying anything else.

Shopping tip #10 : Eat first, then hit the mall. Hanger is real, and it can definitely cast a different lens on shopping if you’re impatient and annoyed. You may end up being super anxious to just get out of the mall and find something to bite on, but that’s not the way. Also, you won’t truly know the way something fits you on an empty stomach, eat up first.

Im proud to be a woman.

Im proud to be a woman.

Today, we celebrate the women of the today and the women before us.

Being a woman, especially at my age and with my ethnicity, is both rewarding and difficult for me. I look around me and I see both love and hate. Society has always viewed women negatively. Still today, many struggle with acknowledging women for the amazing human beings that they are. I’m only 15 years old, and yet I am aware of everything that is going on in this world, even politics. High school boys aren’t the greatest example for gentlemen, for they’re still quite immature. It has always been difficult to grow up in this society, where stereotypes are unrealistic and where women are treated like trash and objects. We are unique, different from each other, we are people, we are your mothers, we are your sisters, and without us, none of you would be here today.


“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

-Michelle Obama

“I want every girl on the planet to have the same kind of opportunities thatI’ve had, and that my daughters are having, to fulfill their potential and pursue their dreams.”

-Michelle Obama

“Your place in the world and the younger women who will come after you is determined on how you utilized your power.

-Geena Rocero

“Think women want freedom. They want to be empowered. The want hope. They want love; they want all the things that I want, and I’m not afraid to say those things and act on them.”


“Passion is the bridge that takes you from pain to change.”

-Frida Kahlo

“This is something we can practice every day – women sticking up for other women, choosing to protect and celebrate each other instead of competing or criticizing one another.”

-Amal Clooney


Women are beautiful. We stick together, we love each other. We are powerful and strong, we are worthy, we are people, we are equal, we are human. We won’t rest until we get what we deserve, equality. The future is female, the time is now. Wether you are a woman, or a man, or neither, respect us. Respect yourselves.

Thanks for tuning in for this week’s blog post, stay tuned for more, check out the instagram through the icon above! ❤

xoxo, Banya

My French Adventure

My French Adventure

This past November, my large family and I visited parts of Europe to celebrate my 15th birthday. I think it’s fair to say, that was my best birthday yet. It was my absolute dream to go to Paris and go up the Eiffel Tower and I did just that on the morning of my 15th birthday. Paris is a beautiful city and I am definitely considering to live there when I am a little older, I’m learning my french! A couple days before my actual birthday, my family and I began our Europe vacation. I believe the flight was about ten hours long, maybe a little more, but the whole time I was practicing my french and thinking about all of the yummy croissants.

When we had finally arrived, the flight felt like eternity, I couldn’t wait to begin our adventure in the City of Love. The french language is absolutely beautiful and so romantic. I love the french language, their attitude and their lifestyle. Not so much their food, not going to lie, I didn’t enjoy much of the food the entire trip. Being in a foreign city with a large group, trying to find just the simplest of places to sit down and eat isn’t so easy. The crepes were pretty good though. haha.

My first morning in Paris, we took a 15 minute commute from Paris to Versailles. We visited the beautiful Château de Versailles, The palace of Versailles. A truly beautiful place with very impressive architecture and design. Some issues we had on our trip, was cellphone service and finding accommodating commute for everyone in our group. But of course, we figured it out, thankfully. Anyways, Versailles was absolutely beautiful and I want to go back the next time I visit France.

The next day was my birthday. On this day, we made plans to visit the Eiffel Tower. Thats right, I turned 15 years old at the very very top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I did get lost in Paris, my cousins and I were separated from our group as they stopped at a shop. But I wasn’t too worried, for I was in Paris, standing next to the Eiffel Tower, On my 15th birthday, with my family, living my dream. Did I mention I had champaign at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Yep, that’s right! I wore my warmest, coziest and most favorite winter outfit. (All from Topshop btw!!)

Later that same evening, my family and I returned to the hotel we were staying at, getting all fancy for our dinner across Rio Cena. I wore a long off-white gown with embellishments on the bodice, from BHLDN. The scenery was stunning and mesmerizing. I remember the moment we stood on the very top of the boat and watched as the Eiffel Tower lit up the Parisian streets.

We then had  a several course dinner and carried on with our evening. One funny moment I do clearly remember from that dinner on that boat were these tourists from Dutch, who spoke little spanish, getting up and dancing for me, singing me a happy birthday. It was hilarious and yes they did have a little too much celebratory champagne.

Since we were all in the dancing mood, after I had blown out my candles and made my wish, a live violinist came from the center of the boat to the back, where my family, myself and the Dutch tourists were seated and began playing an instrumental version of the song “Besame Mucho.” As my family all sang along to the tune, my eldest of three brothers  asked for my hand and slow danced with me. Yes, a little embarrassing, everyone on the boat was watching !!! But it was very sweet. Followed by my eldest brother, came my second oldest brother then my third oldest, then came my Godfather, (My uncle) followed by my Godfather’s oldest son, my cousin. Finishing off the dance with a little dip at the end. A lovely end to a lovely birthday.

The next few days we explored the streets of Paris and even visited The Louvre!! Oh it was just stunning there. The art was breathtaking, I couldn’t even fully process everything I was seeing. I got to see The Mona Lisa!! That is amazing, a truly magnificent piece created by an amazing artist.

There is so much more of my trip I want to share with you, but that will be in a post a little later where I talk about my trip to Spain! Stay tuned for that and I hope you truly enjoyed my long and detailed blog about my remarkable trip in France. Thanks again!

xoxo, Banya