who do I look up to?

Well, there’re several people in the world that have inspired me. Many living today and, sadly, some that have died. But that doesn’t change who they were as people in this society, in this world. Some people that have inspired me, may have been strangers or the names of these individuals I cannot remember, but their importance in my life has not changed. Here are some of the biggest role models in my life.

My mom and my dad. My parents mean the world to me, they’re my super heroes. My parents are Mexican immigrants and have been working hard since day one, creating the perfect home and environment for me and my siblings. They are my everything and I love them with all my heart. If you’re reading this Mom and Dad, I love you and Thank you.

John Lennon. He was such an amazing activist and artist. He sadly, passed away in 1980. Obviously, I wasn’t born at this time, but from his music and from his kind words, he has stuck with me for the past few years. His song, “Imagine,” brings tears to my eyes, this song is a reminder that we need to stick together and that someday we will all be happy and at peace in this world. His gave us his powerful message through this beautiful song. He sung, “Imagine all the people living life in peace, you. You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us. And the world will be as one…” His words were beautiful, and so was his personality. He is a reminder that there is still time and there is still hope.

Rupi Kaur. She is an inspiring poet and author. She writes books of poetry based off of her own real-life experiences that are both tragic and beautiful. The things that she writes about are things that women like myself have deal with on the daily. Inequality, disrespect, neglect, pain, love, healing. She expresses herself through poetry and shares her stories. She is so brave and amazing. I aspire to be as brave as her. She has written two books of poetry, “Milk and Honey,” and “The Sun and Her Flowers.” One of my favorite lines from her first book is, “if the hurt comes, so will the happiness.” I remind myself this, often. There is always a storm before the rainbow. Pain before happiness.

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xoxo, Banya.



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