My everyday makeup


Im still in high school and getting up in the morning is already difficult, so when I’m getting ready, I try to be quick and easy to save some time and not be late for class. I don’t usually wear heavy makeup. I usually just slap on some highlight and some mascara and run out the door. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you guys my all time favorite makeup products that I use everyday! I hope you find something you will try out and maybe even love too!

After I have moisturized and finished my skincare regimen, I do my makeup. I try to make my makeup very simple and the last thing I do in the morning.

Depending on how my skin is looking that morning, I decide wether or not I will be applying concealer or powder, I don’t usually tend to use much powder or foundation on my face. Maybe for more special and fancy events I may. If I see any blemishes I would use a small amount of my tarte shape tape contour concealer in the shade light neutral. I have three options when it comes to makeup tools, either my fingers, a beauty blender or a brush. If I use face powder, I choose to use to use tarte Creamy powder foundation in the shade light beige. After I apply concealer I move onto my eyeshadow, which I tend to keep very simple. Then I use my Too Faced Natural Eyes eyeshadow palette and I use the shade, “Heaven” as my base, then I apply either “Silk Teddy” or “Honey Pot” depending on what I am wearing. After my eyeshadow, I move onto my mascara, lately I have been obsessed with Too Faced “Better Than Sex” mascara. With just one coat, my lashes noticeably look longer and thicker. Then I move onto my brows, I use Glossier’s Boy Brow in the shade brown. Now I move onto my cheeks, I like to use Glossier’s “Cloud Paint” in the color “Puff” to add some color to my cheeks. Lastly, I use Benefit’s High Beam Highlighter on my cheekbones to brighten up my face or I use Glossier’s Haloscope in the color “quartz.” Depending on the day, I may wear either a moisturizing lip balm or my Glossier Lip Gloss which I am obsessed with.

I am no makeup pro, and half of the time I have no idea what i’m doing, but these are the products I like to use. Sometimes it doesn’t even seem like I am wearing any makeup. I love the natural look and there are several days that I choose not to wear any makeup at all. It’s nice to give your skin a break and just let your skin glow on it’s own. But a little makeup never hurts. I have been experimenting and trying new products, but these are the products that have really stuck with me. Some have been introduced to me by my sister or I’ve just seen them online. You can purchase most of these items at Sephora or at the brand’s website. I love makeup and it has really helped me explore myself creatively.

Thanks for reading my blog post, I hope you loved it ! Stay tuned for more, I’m trying to post more than once a week! ❤

xoxo, banya.

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