feeling confident

Confidence is something I have always struggled with when growing up, and I still struggle with it. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others, we all admire other people; like celebrities and models. Over time, society has led us to believe that our looks are meant be a competition. And it shouldn’t be something that makes you want to change who you are. I know that it seems like our looks are everything, or it may seem that way sometimes but our looks are simply just the way we look.

I definitely support women and men who choose to wear makeup. Makeup is a very powerful and amazing thing/tool. Adding a little color and shimmer to make ourselves look how we want to, whenever you feel like it. I rarely wear makeup because I don’t see a reason to. Makeup is amazing and I have products that I adore for when I do feel like looking a little fancy or adding some color. It doesn’t affect my confidence anymore, I have never really been good with makeup and it is just something I use to add a little glam for a fancy event.

I was always nervous to wear crop tops or show too much of my legs in shorts. But who cares? As long as you are being appropriate, wear whatever you want. It still makes me slightly uncomfortable to wear leggings out in public because I feel self-conscious but it shouldn’t matter what my legs look like or how much fat I have on my stomach or the shape of my nose or the acne on my skin. All these things that I used to define as my imperfections are now some of my favorite parts of my body. These imperfections are simply things that we make up in our minds when we have nothing else to think about, so go out there and get busy. And stop worrying about your weight, stop worrying about what other people think.

We were all created differently for a reason, if there’s something that you dislike about yourself, learn to love it. Make it your favorite part about yourself. Personally, an insecurity I have had in the past was my weight. Which is super common, especially for women because of how society shows beauty, or what they call beauty. I think natural is beautiful. The more natural a person, the much more beautiful they are.

I realized in the start of this year, I was going to love myself every single day of the year, every year. I ate healthier, found the time to exercise and told myself everyday, “you are beautiful just the way you are.” And it really does work. The more you say it to yourself, the more true it is and you really start to feel it. I really do feel beautiful now.

Confidence shouldn’t be based on how we look, it is all about how we feel on the inside, so if you feel amazing, then you are amazing. We are all  beautiful and unique. We were all meant to look different. You do you, girl. Go out there and change the stereotypes and prove society wrong!! ❤

xoxo, banya.

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