what to wear to theme parks

Last weekend I went to the happiest place on earth! Can you guess where I went? Yes! I went to Disneyland ! I absolutely adore Disney parks, I have the most fun when I go. When I was much younger, I would spent long weekends at Disneyland with my family. We would go every year, a few days leading up to my birthday. But as I have been getting older, I visit the park much less than I used to. I still love and still enjoy spending time there but my life is getting busy with school and dance. When going to Disneyland, you can probably expect; food spills, riding some fun water rides, warm mornings but cold evenings etc. You must always be prepared no mater what the weather is. If it is cold in the morning, I recommend bringing a pair of shorts in your bag just in case, and if it is warm, maybe bring a jacket or a long sleeve for the evening because California weather can be unpredictable.

On my trip to Disneyland, I wore very casual but trendy attire. I paired my outfit around my Disney Mickey ears, with the classic red and white bow. I wore a white zip up – cropped hoodie from Brandy Melville, red textured pants from Brandy Melville, a simple black tank top from Urban Outfitters and classic/vintage Reebok tennis shoes. Not only was I comfortable all day long, but I felt so cute and got the perfect instagram pictures, lol ! To carry a few necessities, I carried around a mini black and gold detailed, leather backpack from Nordstrom. In this mini backpack, I carried; hand sanitizer, lip balm, mascara, a small hairbrush, my phone charger, my portable battery, my phone, earphones, sunglasses and my wallet. Maybe even think about bringing a refillable water bottle to save some money on the pricey water inside the park! I absolutely love this outfit and I will probably wear it again the next time I visit Disneyland again.

When I would go to Disneyland, my family and I would always end the day with watching the holiday parade followed by enjoying the beautiful display of fireworks. The fireworks always was a fine touch on my stay at the park, it felt like a “see you next time.” Still, Disneyland is my favorite place in the whole world. It has always been a tradition (well sort-of, i created it in my own head hahah) to buy one churro once I arrive, after dinner and right before I leave the park. It is just something really great to look forward to. But seriously what do they put in their churros to make it so addicting, wow!!!

I hope you loved this week’s blog posts and I apologize for the lack of content, I will try my best to post more than once a week ❤

xoxo, Banya.

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