What is this blog ?

Welcome to my blog! I am so excited for you all to be a part of my journey. My blog is something that means so much to me, my future career goals does involve working in fashion, this blog could be a huge help in exploring my interests. This blog is mainly going to be about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. This is my first time having a blog and I am super excited to share this part of my life with all of you!!

Life for a teenager can be stressful at times, but it’s all about learning and growing so I am creating this blog to document my journey through my teens and share it with all of you! Social Media can sometimes be negative and it may make us feel down, but social media should be a happy place, exploring, sharing and learning. I am making this blog to share positive vibes and spread love. You should always do what makes you happy; take risks, be confident, stand up and be amazing.

I am extremely excited to incorporate this blog into my life, thanks for accompanying me on this journey!

xoxo, banya.

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